Review of the main opportunities, the features and technical specifications of «Nemesida WAF».

A feature of «Nemesida WAF» is the accuracy of detecting attacks with a minimum number of false positives, the presence of a virtual patching system, a high-quality signature database, scalability and pricing policy, allowing you to ensure the safety of online stores, portals, API and other web applications in enterprises of any size.

General information

Interface language English
Documentation language Russian, English
Availability of a research center in Russia
Operation mode IPS, IDS, Combined
Delivery type

  • In the form of the installation distribution
  • In the form of a virtual machine image
  • In the form of a cloud service

Clustering, SSL, standards

  • Termination SSL
  • Passive decoding SSL
  • Support for sessions established on client certificates
  • Support Active-Active clustering
  • Support Active-Passive clustering
  • Support of balancing of loading between the protected web applications
  • Support WebSockets
  • Support XML
  • Support JSON

Detection of attacks

Class of blocked attacks

  • Injection (RCE, SQLi, OS command, etc.)
  • XSS
  • Information Leakage
  • Path Traversal
  • Open Redirect
  • Web Shell
  • HTTP Response Splitting
  • Server-Side Request Forgery
The presence of a reputation base Own reputation and GeoIP base.
Detection of bots on the basis of values of query fields Based on their signatures and behavioral analysis.

  • Protection against the attack on XML
  • Blocking of separate inquiry
  • Temporary blocking of requests from the source by IP-address
  • Check of HTTP transactions on compliance of RFC and to the best practices of control
  • Categorization by type of activity (type of attack) of sources
  • Creating signature rules and their exclusions based on a set of criteria (for example: method, URL, parameter value, title) and regular expressions

Machine learning («Nemesida AI»)

Accuracy of identification of the attacks «Nemesida AI» ≈ 30% more efficient than signature analysis.
Method of machine learning The classical algorithm of machine learning is used. Key features of «Nemesida AI» are the accuracy of identification of anomalies, the minimum quantity of false operations and lack of high requirements to hardware resources.

  • Adaptation of WAF to a variable application
  • Automatic creation of behavioral models
  • Detection of anomalies and assessment of their level of criticality
  • Identification of new signs of attacks, including the identification of attacks «zero day»
  • Interface management behavioral models (additional training of models)

Brute force attacks

«Nemesida WAF» is able to detect brute-force attacks, including distributed ones used Levenshtein distance and fuzzy logic.

Additional features

  • Integration with vulnerability scanners, including the «Nemesida WAF Scanner»
  • Antivirus analysis
  • Simply SIEM integration
  • Firewall Integration
  • Lack of restrictions on quantity of traffic and virtual hosts for the Standalone-version

Auxiliary modules

  • «Nemesida WAF» Cabinet
  • «Nemesida WAF Scanner»
  • Virtual patching
  • «Signtest»

Filtering and notifications

  • Cabinet for dealing with incidents
  • Flexible filtering of security log entries by specified criteria
  • Manual and automatic aggregation of security log entries by attack type, parameter name, URL, IP address
  • Attack verification using the built-in dynamic scanner
  • Automatic aggregation of events with intense character
  • Existence of a possibility of setting up reporting for obtaining summary information on safety events
  • Existence of the interface with information on network loading of WAF
  • The recorded events contain inquiry in full (entirely)
  • The recorded events contain the description of the worked rule of security policy
  • Export and import of the security event log in full amount
  • E-mail and Syslog notifications