Nemesida WAF

Machine learning powered complex site protection



≈ 0.01% of the False Positive with «Nemesida AI»

Nemesida AI

Detecting zero-day attacks by machine learning module

Virtual patching

Built-in virtual patching module on-the-fly vulnerability mitigation

Nemesida Scanner

Web application security audit in automatic mode


24-hour security, instant attack notification and reporting


Fixed cost, no extra charges


Technical support and advice


What you love «Nemesida WAF» for

Nemesida WAF

  • The accuracy of detecting «Nemesida AI» attacks with false positives with ≈ 0.01%
  • Detecting zero-day attacks
  • Traffic analysis using anti-virus protection
  • Search for vulnerabilities in the protected web application by «Nemesida WAF Scanner»
  • Vulnerability on-the-fly mitigation (Virtual patching)
  • Convenient and functional personal cabinet
  • Additional modules for ease of use and extra security

Calm for safety

Complex analysis of «Nemesida WAF» based on an attack's signatures and behavioral analisis let to reval and block hacker attacks, regardless of the level of their difficulty and volume with maximum accuracy, even if there are 0-day vulnerability are on the site.

Find out how often a web application is attacked by using the «Nemesida WAF» for 2 weeks free of charge.

To provide basic protection for a signature-based web application, use Nemesida WAF Free.


Every third site was hacked or attacked by hackers


80% sites are hacked during a non-targeted attacks with using popular scanners


About 60% of hacked sites were infected and blocked by search engines


«Nemesida WAF» successfully detects the following attacks:

  • RCE, SQLi, XSS, RFI\LFI, Path Traversal etc.
  • Access to source code, archives, configuration files and backups
  • Brute-force attacks and other anomalies

Nemesida WAF Standalone

  • $5,538 / year
  • Linux installation package
  • Simply to install
  • Virtual patching, antivirus protection, built-in vulnerability scanner
  • Remote supported
  • Provided as a software

To install «Nemesida WAF», request a license key and install from the repository according to the manuals.

Nemesida WAF Cloud

  • From $299 per month
  • Located in European Data Centers
  • Just activated
  • SLA 98.96% and DDoS protection
  • Virtual patching, antivirus protection, built-in vulnerability scanner
  • 24-hour incident response
  • Provided in the form of service

To connect, it is enough to translate the A-record of the web application in the DNS server settings.

2 weeks free of charge

Evaluate all the benefits of «Nemesida WAF» for 2 weeks for free.

Immediately after activation, all information about the attacks will be available in your account in online mode.

Secure the website from hacker attacks simply - just get a license key and #TurnOnNemesida.

For testing, use a virtual disk for KVM/VMware/VirtualBox with the already installed «Nemesida WAF».

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