A list of updates of Nemesida WAF modules for 2021. Information about installing, updating and diagnosing the software is available in the section with documentation.

Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.456 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Improved stability of the module;
  • Improved mechanism for detecting anomalies;
  • Optimized module operation under heavy loads;
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.
Nemesida WAF 4.3.93 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Improved processing of requests coming from the Nemesida AI MLC module;
  • Changed the format of messages sent to the Nemesida WAF API;
  • Improved mechanism for detecting anomalies by the Nemesida AI MLA module, improved stability of operation;
  • Other minor changes.
Nemesida WAF API 1.388 (nwaf-api)
Cumulative update package.