«Nemesida WAF» is supplemented with a new module designed to exchange data with the «ClamAV» antivirus software.

This module allows real-time verification of user-uploaded files and POST requests to the web application using the «ClamAV» antivirus software. The antivirus tool is designed to detect malicious files and data, usually binary, that can harm the end user / system, lead to the inoperability of the operating system, facilitate illegal operations or actions.

«ClamAV» is a free, cross-platform antivirus with open source code, which includes a scanner that can run from the command line. «ClamAV» is present in the official repositories of modern Linux systems. «ClamAV» is selected as an antivirus tool due to its high scanning speed, open source code and a high-quality signature database.

High speed of interaction «Nemesida WAF» and «ClamAV» is provided by using Unix-socket as a transport, allowing to make an almost instant check of the file content without any appreciable delays for the user.

Integration with antivirus software provides additional security measures to ensure the security of the web application.